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Other Published Works

essays kat magendieESSAYS

Western North Carolina Woman Magazine
Last Night I was the Wolf

Home on my Mountain

On Blogging

This Solitary Me: 150 Words

Visiting Momma

Clear Blue Peace

Golden Sparkled Dancer’s Cap

Slightly altered version of Dancer’s Cap
in The Rose & Thorn

Podcast of Golden Sparkled Dancer's Cap read by Adnan Mahmutovic for Rose & Thorn Journal

Our World as Color - meandering prosy poem

Moondance: Celebrating Women - The Grounding

New Southerner Magazine
Come as you are, leave different

OCEAN Magazine
Heavy Waters
Underwater On My Mountain

Moondance, Celebrating Creative Women
The Grounding

Cup of Comfort for Writers
It Begins

Mocha Momma Literal Latte
Can’t Go Home Again?

Boomerwomen Speak, Our Stories
Price for Normal


On your lunch break? Sitting bored in a waiting room? Need just one little simple story before you go to sleep? Shortie short stories are satisfying, and can be read quickly in one little spark of time. Download one of Kathryn Magendie’s very short stories, between 3,000 and 6,000 words, and gobble them up in one gulp—a nice little story-snack. 

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poetry kat magendie book trailer imagePOETRY

Cantaraville Three
Three Poems - Amalgram, She-Monster, The Killing Spot

OCEAN Magazine
Nerissa's Lover

Western North Carolina Magazine

In Losing You

L'Intrigue, the Wild Magnolia of Literature
Quarter on a Saturday

The Nervous Breakdown
One Day

Kat's Mountains winter
A series of photos in various issues of:
OCEAN Magazine


Kathryn's prose is poignant, tangy, sweet, loving, wanting, needing and so satisfying!
~ Diane Buccheri, Publisher, OCEAN Magazine

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