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What books of yours are now published?

TENDER GRACES April 2009 - my first published novel-was a No 1 Amazon Kindle best seller!


April/May 2012.- April 2010.

Tender Graces, Secret Graces, and Family Graces are The Graces Trilogy - the Virginia Kate Saga.

SWEETIE - November 2010. Amazon Kindle Bestseller


I have a novella-length workin the anthology THE FIREFLY DANCE - "Petey."

I also have short fiction uploaded to Amazon Kindle. You can go to my Amazon Profile page were you can find my books and stories. You can find my books online just about anywhere, as well as in libraries and bookstores (though you may have to ask them to order them!)

You also are an editor, right?

Yup. I love and am good at editing other authors' novels. I have good instincts. I also edit websites. I'll edit just about anything. I probably need to go edit this website of mine again. Dang. Lawd!

Are you a "Southern Writer?"


I was born in the mountains, West Virginia, so I am a Mountain Girl. I have lived in the Deep South for many years, so I am Southern Girl. I live in Western North Carolina, so my mountain roots feel strong now. Gawd yeah!

It's hard to put things into categories sometimes, when it's not "genre fiction." My books have been called: literary fiction, magical realism, southern fiction, women's fiction, supernatural, contemporary fiction, best danged fiction in the whole danged world. Ha! Anyway, the deep south and the mountains are an important part of me, and so they are also an important part of many things I write, particularly my novels.

The novels were called "The Virginia Kate Sagas," but readers began referring to the books as The Graces. Since Bellebooks/Bell Bridge books has now published the trilogy of the Graces novels, will there ever be another Virginia Kate, Graces, novel?

I miss writing about Virginia Kate very much. I am considering bringing her back. Maybe a Christmas Graces for a short novella-length work.

Graces is a family saga. Are the books autobiographical?

No. Now, of course, there are incidents from my life that sneaked in to TENDER GRACES, but not as many as one may believe. Or there are incidents I twisted around a little to use. Things, for instance, like the snake polo – my brother really did ride his bike in the calil kat and mikenal and “play polo” with moccasins just like Andy! My older brother was always a bit of a mystery to me, just as Micah is to VK. My almost "irish twin" brother was always a bit of a daredevil as Andy is. And, my younger brothers were sweet and inquisitive as Bobby is. Except of course they were also pains in the arses as brothers will be (teehee).

Did you really see an apparition that prompted you to write Sweetie?

I did. Although "apparition" isn't quite the word. More like she appeared so strongly in my head as a fully formed girl and that's something that never happens with my characters, as I see pieces not wholes with my "Black Hole" brain. She spoke to me quite firmly that I was not writing the novel correctly and then somehow she guided me to tell the story as it should be told. It was an interesting experience. I think there must have been a Sweetie kind of girl who lived in these magical Smoky Mountains. I think someone wanted me to bring her to life, even if the events aren't exactly all hers. I am human after all! Hi Sweetie! *muwah*

Sweetie has been called "magical realism." Is it?

I have a hard time putting "genre titles" on my work (see above!). But, there seems to be some magical or supernatural elements to my novels, and not just Sweetie. But, I suppose one could wonder if that is really the case or if my characters only think in this way and believe in this way. I know what I believe about it and my characters, but I will keep that to myself *smiling*.

You love living where you are, don’t you?

smoky mountain view maggie valleyEvery day I wake up with gratitude to have found my Place here in Maggie Valley/Haywood County: I am Home.

If you wrote your autobiography, what would the title be?

Once she quit crying, she had the last laugh. Danged tootin' she did.

Who were your early influences as a writer?

The Library – not a who, but a what. Well, sometimes a “Who” – because I met some really cool librarians in my time. Ones who took time with this shy girl and found the books she liked—particularly when I was in my “read every book about dogs and horses and wolves” phase.

I can’t walk into a library without feeling an overwhelming nostalgia. I should stop what I’m going right now and go to the library! *Be right back . . . zooming in the Wolfie-Subaru to the library . . . .*

kat and camera

What are you working on now?

A new novel, but it's so unformed I have nothing to write about it here, right now anyway!

And to anyone out there who has ever read any of my stuff, I love you for it. What would writers do without readers? We love you; we need you; we adore you. Don’t you ever forget that. Every time I sit down to write something, I am thinking about You. I wonder if you will love the words, the language, the characters. I wonder if you will read the secrets hidden. Find the little things I’ve hidden there. I imagine you reading and what you are thinking. We always say we’d write no matter whether our work was published or not. Yes, that’s true; however, really, ultimately, it’s all for you.

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