Spellbinding stories of mystic love and soulful hope . . .  


Spellbinding stories of mystic love and soulful hope . . . .

Maggie Valley, North Carolina author, who lives in a little log house in the Cove at Killian Knob.

Kathryn Magendie, a West Virginia woman who came to Western North Carolina via South Louisiana, shows why plot is just the wheels of a narrative vehicle. Without voice, character, poetry and detail also, all you've got is a go-kart. In her debut novel, “Tender Graces,” Magendie builds up the plot — a prodigal daughter story — into a sustained entertainment through an exuberant mountain portrayal.-Asheville Citizen Times

Amazon Kindle Best Sellers: Tender Graces (a No 1 best seller), Sweetie, and The Lightning Charmer

Tender Graces - an Amazon & WNC bestseller, nominated for Thomas Wolfe and Siba Awards, and listed in the top five of twenty "books to read" in The Asheville Citizen Times.

The strong, “quare” voice and supernatural elements also infuse Kathryn Magendie's novel, “Sweetie,” in which a bullied schoolgirl finds a friend in a wild spirit.-Asheville Citizen Times - and listed as a "books to give as gifts for Christmas" book

This [Tender Graces] is a novel of family, both good and bad.-Baton Rouge Advocate

A force of lyrical storytelling. -Smoky Mountain News

Sweetie tells of great beauty in the eyes of a child . . . .-The Mountaineer

Sweetie has received a warm welcome, charming fans and critics alike.-Sulpur Springs MSSNews

Readers will hear about the voice in Tender Graces and rush out to buy and listen to that voice, familiar and yet with tonalities not yet heard, igniting delight never before quite felt. -David Madden, Novelist, Playwright

THIS MESSAGE IS FOR GUYS: It may have a soft, pink cover but it ain’t that kind of book. Kathryn Magendie’s Virginia Kate has plenty of what my grandmother called “brass,” treats us to earfuls of authentic dialogue, and gradually reveals a story not easily forgotten. We will soon read more, I hope, from Magendie’s pen. She’s real.-Wayne Caldwell, Author of Cataloochee and Requiem by Fire

With a voice true to its source, Kathryn Magendie's Tender Graces gathers us into its story of family loss, connection, and redemption. Magendie knows well how we live within the chains that are both our bondage and our empowerment. This novel weaves those chains, or webs-- as mountain women call the warp they have threaded onto their looms-- with a sturdy yet graceful hand. Its texture rests in one's imagination like a coverlet crafted to bring warmth and, yes, comfort. -Kathryn Stripling Byer, former North Carolina Poet Laureate


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What age group are your books geared to?

Though they were written for adults, ages 12 and up have enjoyed Sweetie and Tender Graces.

What genre?

I answer this question and others on my "More About Kat" page!

Where can I find your books?

Ask your local library or local bookstore, or the usual online places, including Amazon, Amazon Kindle, B&N.com, Nook, etc. If your local bookstore or library does not stock my books, ask them to! Anywhere you regularly purchase your books is where you should be able to find my novels, in trade paperback or e-readers. As well, you can order direct from the publishers: Bellebooks/Bell Bridge Books. Or Email me for information. Thank you for your support!

Will you speak to my Book Club?

I love book clubs!

If you are in the WNC or upstate area, contact me.  Or email me your questions and I'll be happy to answer them and email them back to you. Ask about free PDF copies for book club presidents.



Kathryn's prose is poignant, tangy, sweet, loving, wanting, needing and so satisfying!
~ Diane Buccheri, Publisher, OCEAN Magazine

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